Holographic Butterfly Folding Comb


This holographic butterfly folding comb is made of high quality stainless steel. This quality balisong knife comb is perfect for practice the real thing without any harm. The concealed groves of the combs make it a great hairdressing styling tool.

The iridescent colored comb is foldable, making flip a fun. The spring latch makes it easy to use and flipping fun even for hours. There are holes on the blade so it is not sharpened, making it easy to handle and learn knife safety without bruising to the hands. You can easily pull off the comb from its compartment to use while other side is hinged So, it’s great for Balisong trainers and those who love to use butterfly comb.

The holographic colors make the comb super cool. It’s a great hairdressing iridescent butterfly knife comb used for trimming, beard and moustache.

Features & Specifications:
β€’ Stainless steel balisong
β€’ Foldable and easy flip
β€’ Safe and risk free
β€’ Perfect hairdressing practice tool
β€’ Color: Rainbow iridescent

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