Holographic Eyelash Case


Are you thinking of the best way to keep your artificial eyelashes clean and tidy? Are you even someone who desire to prevent your false eyelashes from being crushed or damaged? Consider using the Holographic Eyelash Case featured in our store.

It’s a luxurious and fashion-looking eyelash case. It’s made of cardboard and plastic material. It’s safe for accomodating your false eyelashes. It’s durable to use, and can nicely protect your lashes. The outer dimension of this lash case is approx. 111.5 x 53.5 x 15.5 mm. It can house up to 25 mm eyelashes. With it, you can easily view your eyelashes and manage them.

What makes this Holographic Eyelash Case unique is its easy-to-open capability. It has an option that lets you open and closes it with ease. Its locking design can prevent lashes from falling out of the box and save spaces.It helps you keep the eyelash clean and easy to use for make-up.

Indeed, this Holographic Eyelash Case is a helpful tool for dressers, beauty salons, and also for people who needed it for personal use. It can work effectively for your everyday replacement needs.

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