Holographic Barber Regular and Texture Thinning Scissors


This amazing rainbow-colored professional barber hair cutting scissors kit is not only for salon or professional use but, can also be used at home by anyone. These Holographic professional scissors by Tijeras have made hair cutting and trimming fun and exciting.

The kit comes with regular iridescent colored hair scissors and thinning scissors along with a leather case to keep the scissors safe when not in use. These are not like those ordinary scissors that catch rust easily and you have to buy a new one every couple of months. The scissors are designed in a way that they are meant to last. The good quality Stainless Steel is extremely sharp and rust-free. The scissors remain sharp even after a lot of use and give smooth and fine cutting even after several uses.

The scissors shiny iridescent are designed keeping in mind that they can be gripped comfortably and your hand does not start aching if you hold them for a little longer. The finger rests make the holding of the scissors even more easier and pain-free.

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