Holographic Straight Edge Razor


These are straight, 5.43 inched holographic razors that have a round edge. The iridescent colored razor has a lock for the sole purpose of keeping the blade tight inside the holder and safe for insertion. Free of any chemicals, the blades are completely hygienic and beautifully designed. They are perfect for barbers and people who believe in self-grooming. These iridescent rainbow colored razors are a product of the highest quality made of stainless steel. They are long-lasting, durable, and designed in a way that they do not rust.

The razor has a firm grip which makes it very easy to use. The blade can be adjusted inside the razor depending on what suits you best. It gives you a cut-free shave which leaves your skin extremely smooth and soft. In case the blades get dull, you simply need to insert another blade and you’re good to go. So before we run out of stock, get your hands on these high-quality holographic iridescent razors, stroke it slightly and give yourself a chance to feel attractive because no one likes rough skin.

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