Holographic Swivel Thumb Hair Cutting Scissors


Holographic swivel thumb hair cutting scissors is a friendly tool for professional barbers and hair stylists. It’s made from Japanese steel and has a classic handle. It’s also characterized by a curved thumb ring click and screw system.

Those features make it rotate 360 degrees and thus facilitate hair styling or barbing work. It makes the entire job less stressful.

This iridescent colored swivel thumb hair cutting scissor is very suitable for both beginners and professional stylists with convex-concave blades. It ensures barbers achieve a smooth haircut without distress or pain in their hands and or fingers.

If you are looking for a beautiful holographic set of scissors that offers a smooth and even haircut, this is the swivel thumb scissor that you need now.

8 reviews for Holographic Swivel Thumb Hair Cutting Scissors

  1. Velma Armstrong

    Really good holographic and a good product

  2. Bobbie Bush

    Definitely worth it for the price.

  3. Dixie Webb

    These are so cute we got them for a party gift and they worked perfect.

  4. Monique Goodwin

    I would have paid even more and still thought I got a great deal from these holographic things

  5. Sara Simmons

    They look great and are going to be great give aways for our party.

  6. Kathryn Phillips

    Good price for a good holographic product.

  7. Kara Houston

    They were a big hit!

  8. Donna Ross

    Perfect for my holographic loving niece

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