Holographic Swivel Thumb Hair Thinning Scissors


If you’re a barber, a hairstylist, or just a guy or girl who loves cutting hair yourself, then this is the perfect pair of scissors for you. Behold this holographic set of swivel thumb hair thinning scissors. Pretty long name that deserves a trim like your unruly hair.

Why is it perfect for barbers and hairstylists? Professional barbers and hairstylists like to cut close in a stylish iridescent fashionable look and a thumb-swivel scissor is just the perfect tool. Plus, the holographic swivel thumb hair thinning scissors have to be as sharp as Japanese katana swords which is exactly how sharp this Japan-made pair of scissors are. It’s 5.5 inches long, made of Japanese stainless steel and sharp enough to prevent painful entanglements. W It has a distinct rainbow metallic color and comes with its own leather case for those long trips or house calls.

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