Holographic Vanity Makeup Tray


This beautiful Holographic Vanity Makeup Tray is a one-of-kind piece that can elevate the look of the desk, table and room. This minimalist tray is made up of high-quality iridescent acrylic, covered with food-grade holographic seal for colorful smooth finishing. It changes colors and gives a beautiful metallic effect from different angles. The open design makes it easy to keep products organized while ensuring they are accessible and visible.

The tray size 10.5×5.5×2 inch and rectangular shape are perfect for use in closets, bedrooms, desks, offices, tables, lounge, hallways for decorative and storage purposes. Holographic makeup tray is perfect for organizing cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry pieces, makeup brushes, making everything accessible and visible. The holographic effect will give beautiful pink-purple hues. Wherever it is placed, holographic tray will elevate the overall look and steal the show.

Features & Specification:
• High quality iridescent acrylic
• Smooth holographic tray
• Decoration piece & makeup organizer
• Versatile & open design
• Perfect size 10.5×5.5×2 inch
• Great gift for birthdays

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