Holographic Car Headrest Hooks (2 Pack)


These Holographic Car Headrest Hooks are very stylish that can increase the beauty of your car’s interior. Simple attach these hooks on the back of your headrest and hang different products while keeping your car’s interior organized.

The iridescent headrest car hooks use high quality and hard ABS material with pure diamonds on the top. This modern construction makes the interior of your car look more beautiful.
You can easily install these holographic hooks with the headrests of your car without even disassembling the headrests. They don’t occupy much space behind the headrest and are thick enough to hold up to 44lb weight. Hang your handbags, umbrellas, clothes, backpacks, and other such things with these hooks.
These stylish shiny holographic car hooks have a 360-degree swivel design. It can revolve around 360 degrees and if you are not using it, hide it. The materials of these hooks are highly durable, and you get 12 months warranty as well.

In a single package, you can get two hooks. These back seat rear hooks offer a universal fit for most cars, including cars, trucks, or vans. Either you are going shopping or on trips, hand the bags with the hooks. So, enhance the beauty of your car or your loved ones by gifting these holographic hooks to them.

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