Holographic Cat Choker Set


For all who love to highlight their gorgeous neck and shoulders, you must get your hands on this adorable holographic cat choker necklace. Besides being an amazing gift for your own self, the iridescent choker makes a delightful gift for a loved one as well. The cat choker is perfect for a neck size from about 12.5 to 14.7-inch necks. However, there are four size settings for the choker, which means you can easily choose to loosen it a bit or tighten it depending on your neck size.

High-quality Alloy and PU Leather have been used to make these holographic cat chokers. Furthermore, this chic choker is very comfortable and sturdy, hence making it a perfect choice. It is a perfect way to draw attention to your beautiful face, shoulders, and neck. Plus, it is a great piece of jewelry that you can pair up with almost any dress. When mixed and matched with the right attire, this choker can maximize your beauty.

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