Holographic Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Sunglasses are just as important an accessory when going outside as sunscreen is, putting a barrier between you and the rays of the sun. Even so, sunglasses should do more than just protect your eyes. They have the potential to be a bold accessory and are one of the first things a person will see when they lay eyes upon you. With the Holographic Heart Shaped Sunglasses, you can not only shroud your eyes behind dark lenses, but you can also show off hints of your personality.

Heart-shaped sunglasses especially with the shiny iridescent look are a timeless way to do so. These bold, dramatic Holographic Heart Shaped Sunglasses feature holographic frames around the lenses and down the arms of the glasses as well. The lenses they surround are dark and mysterious, each one measuring two inches in width by two inches in height to cover the entire eye. Fashioned out of durable polycarbonate, they are sure to outlast seasons and seasons of use without showing serious signs of wear and tear.

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