Holographic Lip Gloss Boxes with Film (50 Pack)


Holographic Lip Gloss Boxes with Film is a great product introduced to bring style to your gift packaging. If we talk about Holographic Lip Gloss Boxes with Film, it comes with 50 high-quality lipstick storage boxes that are glittery and hence look charming. These shinning and eye-catching boxes are made up of paper cardboard. Not only this, but it comes with 50 pieces of shrinkable packing films, which may protect your lipstick from squeezing or scratching. The high-quality wrap films and the shinning lip gloss boxes are a perfect combo that you can present as a gift to your loved one.

The size of the box is appropriate. You can not only put the lipstick in the box, but the box is also perfect for storing a small bottle of perfume, lip balm, lip gloss, oil, or a small cosmetic sample!

+ The boxes are of appropriate size
+ The packing films may protect your lipsticks
+ You can put a small bottle of oil, perfume, or lip balm inside the box
+ The boxes are made up of paper cardboard and are durable
+ It can be a sweet gift which you can present to your close friends or family members

So, what are you waiting for now? It is time to get the Holographic Lip Gloss Boxes as these boxes may bring glitter and shine to your lipstick or whatever you put inside the box!

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