Holographic Long Leather Gloves


Over Elbow Length: 50cm/20″. One Size: M, fit for most; for a palm perimeter under 19cm (7-1/2″).

Stylish silver holographic long leather gloves that is a great way to wear with your fashionable apparel being trendy when you’re out on the town.

13 reviews for Holographic Long Leather Gloves

  1. Wanda Alexander

    These were better than expected.

  2. Anna Hammond

    These were better than expected. They are well made and just the right price.

  3. Susan Davis

    Exactly what I wanted!

  4. Barbara Malone

    The quality is good for a reasonable price.

  5. Joyce Kelly

    They were popular and well liked. They are durable and affordable!

  6. Diane Stewart

    higher quality than what I expected!

  7. Ernestine Mcdaniel

    Product came quick and feels of good quality.

  8. Candace Terry

    They are attractive, last forever, and are affordable!

  9. Diane Stewart

    These are great for holographic fans

  10. Kelli Roberts

    This product really is impressive.

  11. Lois Robinson

    Very beautiful and funny. All my friends wanted to keep one. I’ll definitely ordered them again.

  12. Marilyn Lane

    Everybody loved them. Great size.

  13. Jean Robinson

    This site has been a total game-changer!

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