Holographic Retro Circle Sunglasses


John Lennon of the Beatles is basically a timeless icon. His expressive eyes, behind his signature round eyeglasses continue to mesmerize people long after his passing. You may not be a John Lennon but a similar pair of glasses could help add some personality. Check out this example, the Sunny Pro Retro Round Holographic Sunglasses.

The Iridescent Retro Round Sunglasses, Small Colored Lens Hippie John Lennon Glasses is quite affordable and its style is as timeless as the person it’s named after. It’s made of a sturdy metal frame and comes with a pair of non-polarized, mirror-coated, polycarbonate lenses which are available in different colors. These holographic designed sunglasses aren’t just similar to Lennon’s; they’re purposely made to look like the same glasses worn by the famous musician. And if you’re a fan or into the retro style, long hair and the right clothes would complete the look.

The look is only half of it as these sunglasses are fully functional with UV400 protection to protect your eyes from the sun and block off excess light. Even if it may not be for you, it would make a perfect gift for friend or family.

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