Holographic Shoulder Handbag – Vertical


Holographic products are a new trend these days and so is this Holographic clear shoulder handbag. The bag is of compact size but easily accommodates a cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, and a couple of cosmetic products that you need to carry along when you go out for a couple of hours.

Because of its design, it is not only restricted to women but, anyone with a love for holographic deserves this bag. Though the bag is clear, the holographic effect makes it glow and reflect rainbow colors in the sun. the material of the bag is PVC. The bag is of very good quality and stays well for longer. The bag does not lose its stiffness and the holographic effect even after several uses.

This cross body bag has a very nice gold chain to carry on your shoulder. It is also a great choice to gift girls on their birthdays or other special occasions. The bag has a push lock and the button on the left needs to be pushed to open up the bag. Thus, your essential stay safe and don’t slip out easily.

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