Holographic Iridescent Marbles (25 Pack)


If you want to somehow get rid of the stress created by the daily rush, the holographic marbles in the game back form you need are here.

As a toy and gift: For children’s use, the Iridescent Marbles pack can be the ideal present for children at Christmas celebrations, family gatherings, or also as a toy treat at Holiday parties, crafted from high-quality materials. And it can be an interactive game tool that can be applied in STEM activities.

Ready to use for Marble Game: Iridescent marbles sold in 25 game packs are offered as approximately 1 “shooter and 24 5/8” standard marbles.
Be careful of little children’s usage and keep away from their reach.

As a dΓ©cor and crafting material: Holographic marbles are also used with decorative household items such as aquariums, vases, and plant pots in gardens. For those who will use it as decorative marbles in their home or workplace, holographic and even a little metallic color marbles offer a stylish look.

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