Holographic Nintendo NS Switch Pro Case


Holographic Chameleon Purple Colored Nintendo NS Switch Pro is a great customized housing, designed to add to your Nintendo Switch controller. It has a Chameleon Purple iridescent blue color. Holographic Chameleon works perfectly like a new shell. The unique case of Holographic Chameleon gives a perfect match to your switch, with no boring typical gray color. Its weight weighs 135 grams.

The holographic Nintendo NS Switch Pro controller installation procedures require some one with little knowledge of electronic installation ability. It is good to note that its installation will canceled your switch warranty.

Each controller housing package includes full set buttons, console back plate, Ph00, spare screws, replacement Joy-con case basically for Nintendo switch, and Y00 screwdrivers set. It is a quality brand for your best choice. Going for it is going for the best with this iridescent colored Nintendo NS Switch Pro controller housing.

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