Holographic Slime Variety Pack (3 pack)


The Holographic Iridescent Slime is designed to deliver endless hours of fun and excitement to the kids. Hence, any parent can think about purchasing them. These holographic colored slime are ideal for the birthday parties. The multi-colored iridescent slime looks cool and it can deliver the most perfect experience at all times. With all the different colors, the purchase would be great to suit all the preferences of the kid. No matter what this is a must buy, you can expect your kid to fall in love with the holographic iridescent slime that he or she will be able to receive.

The Holographic Iridescent Slime are having a non-sticky exterior. As a result, any kid will be able to keep on having fun and excitement with it. The wet feeling delivered by the slime can can potentially build a fun addiction between your child and the slime.

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