Holographic Slinkies (12 Count)


Thinking about getting a slinkie for your kid to play with? Instead of getting a boring looking slinkie, you can take a look at the neon holographic slinkies, which offers a colorful experience. Your kid would love to play for hours with this.

The colors used for the manufacturing of this slinkie are bright and fun. These iridescent colors would even look perfect when it is dark. On the other hand, the slinkie is offering continuous back-ups, which can deliver a perfect playing experience. After spending some time with this holographic slinkie, your kid will be able to learn some exciting skills. There are lots of ideas to play with the slinkie available on YouTube. You will be able to recommend some of those videos while getting this slinkie, so that your kid can learn how to play with it. The shiny holographic slinkie is made out of best quality plastic and your kid will be able to keep on playing with it for years.

19 reviews for Holographic Slinkies (12 Count)

  1. Judith Perez

    I bought this as a gift & will more than likely order more.

  2. Kelley Owen

    Perfect and great & fast shipping ! Thank you

  3. Diane Stewart

    Hands down, great decision. It’s quality and cheap.

  4. Jody Jennings

    Cuter than I imagined.

  5. Ervin Barton

    I am so happy with the purchase and mindful service!

  6. Lauren Jenkins


  7. Heather Griffin

    Appear to be good quality product.

  8. Rose Long

    These are so much more impressive in person.

  9. Jane Peterson

    I was surprised about it. It was great product and got it fast.

  10. Christina Russell

    I highly recommend this holographic site for friends who love iridescent products!

  11. Marie Green

    Did the job! Great price!

  12. Marie Green

    This holographic product was the greatest decision I have made

  13. Karen Mitchell

    So beautiful. Great quality and beautiful size.

  14. Margaret Hill

    They are really excellent quality.

  15. Terry Munoz

    My daughter collects holographic items this was the next on her list. She really likes it.

  16. Renee Bridges

    This was an amazing purchase. Thank you..

  17. Angela Lee

    Did the job! Great price!

  18. Rachael James

    This product really is impressive.

  19. Heather King

    I am so proud of myself for finding this amazing site, this was a WOW deal.

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