Tri-Spinner Holographic Fidget Toy


If you’re stressed out or looking for the perfect gift for both children and adults, this might be a good choice for you. The holographic rainbow fidget spinner is an excellent item for anyone, including ADHD and ADD sufferers. This shiny rainbow tri-spinner can help with stress relief, and it can help you ease tension and calm your mind. It was designed from durable stainless steel so that you can use it repeatedly for quite some time.

This holographic iridescent fidget spinner was designed with SLA and laser industrial molding technology. So, it can achieve an impressive speed with an excellent gravity feel. The high-quality materials offer an interesting design, while the rainbow pattern will mesmerize your vision while spinning. Usually, this device can spin from 3 to 5 minutes. And the best part about it is that it won’t make noise! It is recommended for everyone, including children and teenagers. Keep in mind that it isn’t recommended for children under 3 years of age. It weighs around 2.30 ounces, and it is simple to understand and use. Get ready to relax and spin this device at its full speed.

19 reviews for Tri-Spinner Holographic Fidget Toy

  1. Christine Thompson

    It is fun and I love it

  2. Andrea Russell

    They are really cute and fun! Great buy.

  3. Melanie Kelley

    They are really cute and fun! Great buy.

  4. Lauren Jenkins

    Product as expected

  5. Tammy Evans

    These were really cute and actually very good quality.

  6. Hannah Casey

    The quality is good for a reasonable price.

  7. Sarah Turner

    Loved how these came out. All colors show beautifully.

  8. Paulette Chandler

    These look great.

  9. Sonja Gonzales

    sooooo cute, very recommend

  10. Lois Robinson

    Came quickly and all were in good condition.

  11. Margaret Jackson

    Overall, it was a cute gift

  12. Annie Wood

    They are good size. Perfect color & the quality looks well done & durable.

  13. Delores Garcia

    sooooo cute, very recommend

  14. Leland Lindsey

    Product came quick and feels of good quality.

  15. Helen Bennett

    If there are any bad reviews, ignore it. These iridescent products is amazing and fit perfectly I definitely recommend

  16. Phyllis Cox

    Have yet to actually use them. They shipped SUPER FAST though highly recommend them.

  17. Olga Nash

    They are good quality for the price

  18. Adrienne George

    Good price for the amount you get with this holographic!

  19. Natalie Steele

    Free shipping! All holographic! Win Win!

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