Holographic Wall Mounted Rack Shelf (15 in, 2 Pack)


This iridescent holographic floating shelf is made for you to organize and display your closest sentiment and any collectibles you can ever imagine. The drywall anchors and screws are packed with the product to ease the mounting of the shelf to the wall. The shelf can be mounted in any location of your choice. Be it bedroom, living room, bathroom or even your kids’ room, you will find it useful.

The iridescent shelf is so well done that it looks like it changes colors based on the viewing angle and lighting condition of your room. The shimmering rainbow light it displays brings a calm feeling to your environment. This holographic floating shelf is made from strong premium and thick acrylic. This makes it durable for users to place things on it.
Also, this is not only durable and a beautiful rainbow shelf, but it’s one that is easy to install. You will most likely not need the help of any expert to get this product configured to your walls.

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