Holographic Sleeping Caps (3 Pack)


Protect your hair from damage and frizz while you sleep by slipping the Holographic Sleeping Caps (3 Pack) on over your head before settling in to snooze. Fashioned out of premium satin, this iridescent colored cap won’t disrupt the hair as you sleep, helping to lessen knots and tangles, seal in moisture from your hair products, increase the shine and prevent your curls from losing their form. Satin functions in a way that cotton or polyester is too rough to achieve in this way. Inside the satin iridescent cap is plenty of room for long hair and braids to be tucked away.

The holographic sleeping caps are designed to be worn by anyone, thanks to its stretchy nature and one-size-fits-all design measuring 22 to 23 inches around. The wide elastic band makes it simple to get into position and won’t dig into your skin when you lie down to sleep. The cap comes in a unique holographic design that features the colors purple, blue, green, yellow and pink to give it a dreamy quality perfect for bedtime.

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