Holographic Coffee Mug


Whether you’re traveling on vacation, warming yourself on a rainy day, or commuting off to work, life isn’t complete without a hot Cuppa Joe to be enjoyed. One answer to that is an insulated coffee mug that keeps your cuppa hot or ice-cold drink cool for hours.

This holographic coffee mug is perfect for the modern guy and gal on the move. Its iridescent and holographic colors offer a sleek and stylish look for all coffee lovers out there. What’s more, it’s created with high-quality and food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free lid, durable by all standards.


  • Holographic coffee mug made from quality stainless steel
  • Shatterproof and corrosion-resistant coffee mug perfect for any occasion
  • BPA-free plastic lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Great for kids with their hot choco and milk as well!

Product specifications:

  • The coffee mug is 3.5 inches tall
  • Liquid volume good for 16 ounce

This vacuum-insulated steel iridescent shiny mug solidly locks your lid not only to avoid accidental spills when traveling but to leave your hot (or cool) hours. The lid may seem tightly sealed and difficult to break the suction off, but, it’s nothing that hard too open and enjoy a good cuppa coffee in the morning.

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