Holographic Cooking Utensils (5 Pack)


If you think your average stainless-steel utensils are not good enough for your furniture and you want to spice up your kitchen with rainbows, these holographic iridescent utensils are the way to go. These iridescent utensils can not only be used as great-looking pieces but are also clean enough for eating food with. All holographic utensils are made of high-quality “304” stainless steel. They should last years before being damaged.

• These holographic utensils are great party props because they glow in the dark.
• Not only are these utensils good-looking enough to be used in parties but are also good enough to be used as home products. You can also give them to people who like rainbows.
• You can scoop up veggies very easily.
• You can clean them easily. They run through the dishwasher pretty well.

The package contains 5 pieces of utensils and weights a total of about 24.96 ounces or 707 grams. The total package is about 16 inches big, or 15.8 by 5.3 by 3.4 inches in all three dimensions. If you want to make your kitchen routine easy, a Holographic Iridescent Utensils set is a must have for you.

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