Holographic Flask


Thirsty on your trip tor need to conceal your drink in a mannered stylish way? Quench it with style with the Holographic Iridescent Flask. The beautiful multi-colored rainbow flask will make you fall head over heels and will go with any outfit you wear, win-win, huh? Just grab the iridescent flask and be going, say good-bye to matching hassles!

  • Stainless steel
  • Satisfying capacity (8 oz.)
  • Suitable gift for any occasion
  • Light weight (0.23 pounds)
  • Leakproof tested
  • Suitable for any many occasions, concerts, weddings, or parties
  • You can see the color changing right in front of your eyes!

15 reviews for Holographic Flask

  1. Deborah Smith

    Such a great idea for gifts

  2. Annie Stewart

    They were a big hit!

  3. Catherine Bennett

    Better than described, keeping as a keepsake

  4. Sharon Garcia

    Beautiful colors and excellent quality

  5. Donna Fitzgerald

    No problems with product

  6. Marcia Sanders

    They are little gems.

  7. Holly Mann

    I was surprised about it. It was great product and got it fast.

  8. Brooke Bryan

    They are good size. Perfect color & the quality looks well done & durable.

  9. Bobbie Bush

    They turned out so great! They all shimmer with holographic beauty

  10. Christie Dean

    Very happy with these!

  11. Eloise Walsh

    Hands down, great decision. It’s quality and cheap.

  12. Lori Edwards

    I am so proud of myself for finding this amazing site, this was a WOW deal.

  13. Virginia Hughes

    They make me so happy! Go ahead… treat yourself!

  14. Delores Garcia

    Very cute product for getting attention from my kids.

  15. Rachel Butler

    So beautiful. Great quality and beautiful size.

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