Holographic Funnel with Detachable Filters (2 Pack)


Made using stainless steel, this food grade metal kitchen funnel set includes a rainbow funnel and strainer. The set of 2 is ideal for transferring liquids between containers. These stylish holographic funnel and filters set can also be used to transfer dry ingredients between containers such as powder or spices.

It’s a must to have the fun holographic handy set at home to keep your kitchen counter free from spills. The detachable strainer included in the pack makes separating solids from liquids very easy and convenient. The food grade stainless steel makes it very easy to clean and gives a smooth finish to the surface. The high-quality materials offer long-term performance, decades of convenient pouring, and endless style added to your kitchen. It can be used easily at home, or at the bar or restaurant for a great look with the iridescent touch.

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