Holographic Martini Glasses (4 Pack)


The Holographic Martini Glasses are some of the most beautiful Martini glasses that someone could buy and use. These Martini glasses come along with the design of a rainbow. The rainbow colors infused to the drink can deliver a unique experience. The overall design of these glasses would not fade out along with time as well. Hence, it is easy to retain their good looks without a challenge. These iridescent martini glasses come with a height of 2.5 inches and a depth of 2 inches. On top of that, they offer a sturdy flat bottom as well.

Once you purchase these holographic martini glasses, you will get the opportunity to use them for numerous purposes as well. in other words, you can use them in day to day life, or go ahead with using them for special events. Another great thing about the holographic glassware is that they come along with an eco-friendly lead free design. Hence, there is no need to keep any doubts in mind when buying these iridescent martini type glasses.

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