Holographic Mixing Bowls (3 Pack)


This holographic multipurpose mixing bowl set are manufactured from stainless steel and are designed to make your kitchen life easier. These iridescent colored bowls are perfect for baking cookies and cakes, serving snacks, storing leftovers, and mixing salads or other condiments. They are ideal for whisking, mixing, marinating and serving all kinds of food items.

Since they are marked with measurement lines as well, you can also use them to measure ingredients and mixtures. This iridescent shiny mixing bowl set is built to be sturdy and durable. Moreover, unlike flimsy plastic, their food grade stainless steel is safe to use with hot foods. Also, they do not break or shatter like glass products even if you use them for rough purposes. Their unique rainbow color sets them apart from boring stainless steel bowls.

A smooth shiny holographic finish both on inner and outer surfaces allows them to be extremely low-maintenance. The Mixing Bowl Set is dishwasher safe as well. These bowls can be stacked inside each other for convenient storage. Additionally, they are rust-resistant, deform-resistant, and boast long-lasting strength.

Get to cooking and baking with style!

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