Holographic Salt Pepper Grinder & Shaker


Want to make your table adorable and eye-catching? This holographic iridescent set of Salt and Pepper shakers will make it easy for you. Grind your pepper and enjoy the fresh pepper flake taste on your food and add salt in a stylish way. The set rainbow colored salt and pepper shakers comes in durable stainless-steel material. Easy to grip and stay part of your dining table for long. The stainless steel will not get dull or rust with time. With the sharp grinding plates, you can grind a leaf, spices, pepper, and sea salt.

The holographic design is classy yet stylish and eye-catching. The rainbow finishing makes it glow and shine. It attracts everyone who sits around the table. The shiny glow is pretty fashionable and looks new for a long. The structure and elegant design assure that the ingredients stay fresh and free from dust and moisture. This set of iridescent salt and pepper shakers are an ideal gift for weddings and for people who love cooking.

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