Holographic Shot Glasses (4 Pack)


When you’re getting ready to host a party, paying attention to the little details will be what sets your event apart from the rest. With the Holographic Shot Glasses, you can set the stage for a vibrant, wild night with colors that reflect the fun atmosphere and mood for the evening. These shot classes stray from the usual appearance with their rainbow metallic finish on the exterior, which showcases a shining holographic effect that reflects light in various ways to offer slight color variations.

The hypnotic shot glasses come in a set of four, letting you easily purchase enough packs to accommodate any number of guests you plan to host. Each of these Holographic Shot Glasses is made to standard specifications with a 50-milliliter capacity allowing you to pour an average size shot into each one. They are crafted out of high quality materials made to last for many uses to come and are easy to clean after use.

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