Holographic Steel Grater w/ Containers


The beautiful colored holographic steel grater features 4 different grating surfaces perfect to meet all your grating needs in the kitchen. This professional grater comes with 4 small containers. This perfect kitchen tool has coarse grating, fine grating/ zester grating, medium grating and slicer options. This holographic piece is an all-in-one grating tool that can replace all other graters in your kitchen.

Having contoured shape, this holographic iridescent box grater is made of premium quality stainless steel. The handle ensures the comfortable grip on the grater and soft foods. Removable rubber base is perfect to hold and adjust the greater in the right direction and prevent the hands from accidental grating and slipping. This perfect shape and sharp blades make soft food grating like cheese, carrots, cucumber etc. easy. The beautiful turquoise holographic effect makes it an attractive kitchen tool. It can be a great dΓ©cor addition to a kitchen.

Features & Specifications:
β€’ Professional grater with 4 containers
β€’ 4 side different grating design
β€’ All in one grater
β€’ Holographic colored & durable
β€’ Easy to use

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