Holographic Food Tongs (2 Pack)


To all those people who enjoy and love cooking, here is an accessory item to meet your fundamental needs. When it comes to cooking, there is no comprise in using the right equipment for the right thing. All the perfect moms know this thing. That how desperate one feels to have sleek and shiny steel in their kitchen when it comes to cooking, especially grilling.

A pair of stainless-steel, rainbow-colored tongs not only perfect for grasping the item of your choice, but in a very stylish way. We bet it won’t slip this time. These holographic food tongs is a perfect pick for parties, restaurants, BBQ servings, desserts, and so on. It is also suitable for holding things like ice, bread, meat, vegetables, etc. It is easy to use and convenient to clean by a simple dishwasher, hence the shine won’t go. The iridescent rainbow food tongs has wonderful usage and attractive colors to impress your guests.

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