Holographic Composition Notebook


Write your thoughts in a notebook that is every bit as dazzling and as interesting as your thoughts themselves when you choose the Holographic Composition Notebook. Characterized by its gleaming front and back cover, this notebook shines like a rainbow opalescent crystal with the light reflecting off of it in a holographic manner. It boasts a soft cover and a non-sewn binding that keeps the pages securely inside while still making the spine flexible. Within the two covers of this notebook, there are a total of 80 wide-ruled lined pages for you to take advantage of, giving you plenty of space to get all of your thoughts down without running out of room. There is also an area to create three different context indexes in the back, allowing for greater organization of your thoughts, school notes and more. Overall, the holographic iridescent notebook measures 7.44 inches by 9.69 inches in size, making it simple to fit into backpacks, briefcases and other such bags with ease.

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