Holographic Desk Organizer Set


It is time to get rid of all the clutter on your desk. Take a break, get your hands all busy, and start organizing your work table. This holographic desk organizer set will help you sort out all the things at your workstation. It is gorgeous enough to make a statement among all the other office accessories. All the compartments are thoughtfully designed to arrange every item in the order. Its beautiful and stylish iridescent rainbow appearance strikes a delicate balance appearance wise. This outstanding desk organizer has a sturdy construction and a lot of convenient features that make it perfect for both formal and informal settings. You must get your hands on it if you want ample storage space to secure your office supplies.

Package Includes:

1x pencil container cup/counter-top vase
1x tape dispenser
1x adhesive tape
1x cube memo note pads holder
1x heavy duty stapler
1x magnetic paper clips holder
100x paperclips

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