Holographic Tape Dispenser


To make your office desk more stylish, it will definitely stand out with this holographic tape dispenser. For sure, many friends and colleagues will compliment you about how it is different, cute, and fun.

A chic and beneficial gift idea for your friends and colleagues! Modern styling looks fantastic on your desk, a great gift concept, a sleek tape dispenser for fast and one-handed dispensing. It is also ideal for easy, one-handed dispensing with a weighted base for one-handed dispensing. Also, it has a high-quality holographic tape dispenser blade of stainless steel that lasts for years.

The body is clear acrylic so that you can see the shining holographic rainbow metal core and blade at all times. The body is acrylic while the blade and core are stainless steel. The holographic tape dispenser has sizes of 120mm x 35mm x 65mm(4.72″ x 1.37″ x 2.55″) and it is suitable for the usage of tapes that have a width less than 25mm (1″). Must-have for yourself and for your loved ones!

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