Holographic Washi Tape (20 Pack)


Washi tape is another world-changing product from Japan apart from cheap sedans, sushi and anime. Washi tapes have greatly and conveniently improved the world of crafting and decorations. Bring your crafts and gifts to life with this affordable Holographic Colored Washi Tape (20 Pack). Each pack contains 20 rolls of colorful glitter washi tapes which you can use for scrapbooking, giftwrapping, framing and other crafts.

Aside from crafting, this Holographic Colored Washi Tape (20 Pack) can also be used to bring life and color to your daily schedules and tasks. Decorate or tag important dates or events on your planners and journals. Color-code your folders and envelopes as well as personalize your office tools.

Thanks to their bright special laser surface, these Holographic Colored Washi Tape (20 Pack) are sure to grab anyone’s attention and make things easier to find. They come in 10 different colors and are easy to use, made of special paper that’s can be easily cut or torn. They stick on most surfaces but can also be easily removed with no worry of leaving any residue. Bring a little more color to your crafts with washi tapes.

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