Holographic Appetizer Plates – 9 x 5 inches, (24 Pack)


This holographic Appetizer Plate set includes 24 plates made from heavy-duty paper. These plates are sturdy and rigid making it easy to carry food while enjoying the party. Featuring silver holographic foil, these appetizer plates are perfect to serve food in parties, ceremonies and different occasions. The 9 x 5 inch rectangular plate is perfectly sized to serve delicious snacks or desserts. Thickness and sturdiness is enough to support any size appetite.

Holographic Appetizer Plates are a great alternative to the other party plates. Simply, use them and dispose after use. Don’t free, these are made up of 100% food-grade paper so these are earth-friendly. So why stop the fun to clean the plates. Use these holographic appetizer plates and dispose of them and enjoy party!

Features & Specification:
β€’ Set of 24 holographic plates
β€’ Made of heavy-duty paper
β€’ Holographic effect
β€’ Measures 9 x 5 inches
β€’ Thick & sturdy
β€’ Suitable for parties, ceremonies, birthdays etc.

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