Holographic Happy Birthday Banner


Looking to create a trendy and stylish birthday party that everyone will never forget? Why not take a look at our holographic happy birthday banners to glam up the party! If you opt to theme your celebration to something starry, modern, and sophisticated, this banner offers an elegant touch for the occasion.

Are you looking to plan a modern high-rise party for your Sweet 16? Or, how about a retro look of the 80s and 90s? Of course, you can set it up for various celebrations, and this silvery-shiny banner can accentuate your party theme.


  • Letter banners for β€œHAPPY BIRTHDAY”
  • Comes with ribbons and strings to assemble with
  • Iridescent and holographic style banner for celebratory events

Product specifications:

  • Each letter is sized up to 6.89 in x 5.04 in
  • Item thickness of 0.70 inches

The letter banner comes in a quality and thick design for durability. You need to assemble the letters and ribbons yourself upon opening the box. However, that’s a fairly easy job to do within minutes. At least that way, you can creatively design where and how you want to place your banners!

This birthday banner is perfect for people celebrating at any age and gender. It’ll give you that classy and lustrous shine a contemporary or glam party needs.

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