Holographic Disposable Straws (100 Pack)


Many people around the world use plastic straws. But, most plastic straws release harmful chemicals into the soil and water when broken into smaller pieces. So, here comes Party Paper Straws to prevent such an environmental impact.

Holographic Disposable Straws are biodegradable and less harmful to marine animals after reaching the ocean. These holographic straws are thick and durable and will not disintegrate in hot or cold beverages.

With 100 luminous straws in a single package, you can easily use them to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, ceremonies, or just daily. The straws are printed with food-safe ink and do not contain harmful chemicals.

These holographic straws come in beautiful colors and are thick enough to be used with cold and hot beverages. In addition to drinking, you can use paper party straws for crafts with your children. However, dispose of the holographic straws after using them at the party because they are not reusable.

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