Holographic Flower Wrap Sheets (10 Pack)


It’s always a good idea to find the right material to wrap flowers, and the shiny Holographic Flower Wrap Sheets are exactly what you need here. It’s the type of iridescent material that will offer you tremendous value and quality, and the best part is that it can be adapted to your own requirements. It’s visually appealing holographic product that will impress the person you are sharing flowers to with it’s shinyness and glam touch. They will be happy with the results, and the value you get is among some of the best.

One thing to note about the material is that this is fully waterproof, it works incredibly well and you will find it very dependable and very high quality. That alone can be very helpful, and the great thing is that you get a 10 pack of shiny holographic flower wrap sheets, so you can use it many times without worries.

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