Holographic Paper Plates, Scalloped Edge – 9 inches (48 Pack)


Holographic plates are becoming increasingly popular. You can use these shiny iridescent paper plates at parties and camping trips where there isn’t enough water to wash the traditional plates. Here are the non-toxic disposable paper plates that can be used to serve food safely.

A single pack includes 48 holographic paper plates that you can add to dinnerware. Due to their scalloped edges, the holographic paper plates will go well with any party theme. An attractive design like this will certainly impress your guests.

Dispose of them after one use and save your time. Due to the intense material of these plates, they are easy to use. While eating food on these paper plates, you will never experience a fold or break. However, sometimes they require both hands to hold them because they are paper plates after all. Add this unique pack of holographic paper plates to your list of party supplies.

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