Holographic Star Foil Hanging Decoration (3 Pack, 12 inch)


It’s time to get ready for a sparkling party that you have never had before. Everyone loves having fun at fabulous parties, especially the ones with fun and party ornaments. Here is a gorgeous product for you that is affordable and looks so stylish and luxurious at the same time. The package includes three pieces of Star shaped holographic hanging ornaments.

These iridescent, flashy stars will make your party stand out of all the parties, whether it’s a birthday party, a frozen theme party, wedding night, bridal shower, New Year’s Eve, Christmas party throw, or even a simple one at your place.

These are rainbow holographic shine party star-shaped ornaments that are suitable for every occasion. It will leave you and your guests spellbound by the atmosphere it creates. These are premium quality hanging decorations that enlighten your place, easy to use, and lighter in weight. It might be the first piece to get your hands on whenever it comes to arranging a party at the venue of your choice. These are durable, easy to assemble, convenient to hang star shaped decorative fans that will look super flashy.

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