Holographic Fishing Lure Tape (30 Pack)


Those who are associated with fishing often want their fishing lure baits to look beautiful to attract more fishes. This holographic fishing lure tape is the best solution to it. These lure stickers can give your lures a brand new appearance.

The stickers’ size is 3.9″*2.9″, and you will get 30 pieces of different beautiful iridescent colors in a single package. The fishing tapes are reflective and can change colors in different light conditions. Such a light flashing allows you to catch more fishes.

You can comfortably use this holographic fishing tape with your fishing lures as it is waterproof and is made of high-quality hologram paper. If you have an old lure or are using the new, this sticky paper suits well on any lure. However, this tape’s film can stick fast to the surface or object, but you can add a little glue to keep the paper securely.

These holographic iridescent beautiful fishing lure tapes offer outstanding protection even in tough conditions. The paper is long-lasting, making this Jasmine Fishing lure tape highly durable. So as a fisherman, you can decorate your fishing lures with these fishing tapes.

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