Holographic Luminous Basketball


The Holographic Luminous Basketball uses a new reflective leather technology. In particular, the holographic basketball is made up of composite hygroscopic leather for excellent grip and touch. It also comes replete with 100 percent nylon wounds and a rubber bladder to maintain an excellent bouncy shape. The unique holographic iridescent color basketball has a uniquely designed surface whose smooth texture gives it a slip grip that is both exciting and challenging to handle. It challenges you to boost the handling skills with its smooth surface, which makes the experience all the more exciting.

Handling becomes even harder during indoor/night training which significantly improves the handling skills of psychologically adventurous players with strong roles. Night time basketball adds even more novelty, which makes the players make the most out of their personality. Furthermore, this luminous basketball is an official NBA sized basketball whose reflective effect makes it glow or appear holographic in cell phone videos or photos, as long as the camera flash is on. This Holographic Luminous Basketball makes a great gift for the children, families, and friends who are basketball enthusiasts.

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