Holographic Inflatable Pillow Pool Float Raft


Size: nearly 6 ft

When you’re heading out to the pool, your bathing suit isn’t the only thing that makes you look stylish. The accessories that you take along can also play a big role in how stylish you look. Whether you’re planning to kick back in a pool or any other body of water, you can do so in style and catch the eye of other swimmers when you choose the Holographic Inflatable Pillow Pool Raft. This Holographic Inflatable Pillow Pool Raft has a silvery main color that will reflect sunlight instead of darker pool floats that tend to draw in heat and make you hot.

This holographic pillow pool float raft is wide and allows you to stretch out and get comfortable as you float on the water. It has an ultra-long length of six feet as well as a pillow for you to easily rest your head on. When it is deflated, this holographic float raft is easy to fold up for simple storage.

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