Holographic Inflatable Pool Noodle Float


This holographic inflatable pool noodle float is made up of high quality PVC is perfect for glamorizing the pool time. This high quality PVC constructed pool noodle is 72” long & 7” wide. and features rainbow colored glitter. So it gives appealing holographic effect when sun rays strike on its surface. So it’s great for enjoying beach party, pool time or lake side.
The perfect size and capacity to hold 250 lbs. at a time make it perfect for everyone, kids and adults. The beautiful, glamorized look of this inflatable pool noodle float is a big hit in the summertime waters. Don’t worry about storing this oversized sparkling noodle float because it can easily inflate and deflate. So it’s easy to enjoy hours of fun and then deflate and store. Simple!

Features & Specifications:

  • High quality PVC constructed
  • Beautiful holographic glittery effect
  • 72” long & 7” wide
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Easy inflate & deflate
  • Compact storage
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