Holographic Luminous Volleyball


This holographic indoor/outdoor volleyball is made up of reflective leather with double wrapped yarn liner. The bronzing logo gives a glowing effect or appears holographic on camera or mobile phone screen. On its inner side, there is a high-grade butyl bladder with 200-meter winding thread on its surface, that ensures the durability and makes it bounce well. Additionally, its bottom layer is customized for the second-generation of leather that improves the overall integrity of the Volleyball. All fittings are done manually to ensure the high quality of this holographic luminous volleyball.

This luminous volleyball is great for everyone who loves basketball and volleyball. Its durable enough so perfect for playing both in court, sand or playground. Moreover, its holographic effect makes it great for creating appealing sports content for social media lover, athletes etc. as it appears glowing and eye-catching volleyball.

Specification & Features:
• Made up of reflective leather
• Holographic effect on flash or on phone screen
• Durable and integral
• Unisex
• Great gift for both kids and adults

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