Holographic Umbrella


Want an umbrella that is sturdy enough to outlive you and yet is stylish? Holographic Umbrella is all that you’re looking for!

This is not just another umbrella. The holographic umbrella is built from the highest quality material that is transparent, color-changing, soft, and waterproof. The frame of the umbrella is made of stainless steel, and the opening and closing mechanism comprises alloy steel that has a long life and is strong enough to withstand any reasonable intensity of side wind.

The umbrella is kept transparent to the maximum possible extent so that you can enjoy the rain without getting your clothes wet. Another trick up the sleeve of that plastic cover is that it changes colors. Every time you look at it from a different angle, it will show different colors. Whether or not there is a rainbow after the rain, you’ll quite literally be able to enjoy the rainbow without having to face the rain.

The design of the Holographic Umbrella is made to be simplistic and minimal. It is a simple yet classy design that is not prone to aging. Your umbrella will be in-fashion even a decade after you buy it owing to the timeless design.

Holographic Umbrella is a great option because:

  • Features a large 46″ canopy arc.
  • It comes with a matte rubber handle that is easy to hold and soft to the touch.
  • The structure of the umbrella is made of strong materials and is good for thousands of closings and openings.
  • The spring-loaded mechanism makes opening and closing the umbrella very easy.
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